Episode 2: Live from The Snowball!

For this special episodeof the podcast, all three of us ended up at The Snowball this year, and decided to record a special live edition.  This time we form THE MEGABAND!  An all star lineup to best every all star lineups.  Spoiler alert, Count Basie ends up on the B-Team…..

While this is a live podcast, some of the audio is a bit low and a from time to time, a bit loud.  We did our best in post to fix, but just a warning.  The loud one is Kyle, of course, in the middle is Peter, and the soft one is Marc.  Stay with us, we are still working out the audio kinks . And at the end, the music you hear, was the band next door rehearsing… #ugh

The Megaband

Band Leader: Duke Ellington

Rhythm Section: Jo Jones (Drums) Walter Page (Bass) Freddy Green (Guitar) Mary Lou Williams (Piano)

Male Singer: Joe Williams, Jimmy Rushing, Joe Turner

Female Vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald (and background noises)

Trumpet: Ray Nance, Harry James, Ziggy Elman, Chris Griffin, Valaida Snow

Saxaphone: Louis Jordan, Lester Young, Johnny Hodges, Chu Berry, Harry Carney

Trombone: Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Glenn F Miller

Clarinet: Benny Goodman, Barney Bigard

The B-Team

Count Basie (p), Lionel Hampton (v), Ray Brown (b), Gene Krupa (d), Louis Armstrong, Charlie Christian (g)